Hi. Welcome to my online store to buy my works directly from me.  My policy is that if you receive the painting and do not like it, I will promptly refund your money (once the painting has been shipped undamaged back to me). Selling online can be challenging since color, brightness and contrast tend to be different on every computer. My experience from my buyers has been that they think the paintings look better in person than online.

¬†Hello everybody! 2022 marks the 20th anniversary from the year I started doing my art. (2002). To celebrate this momentous occasion, I am offering you all 15% off all smaller art(11×14 and under using coupon code:15PERCENT), 20% off medium size (up to 24x 30 using coupon code:20PERCENT) and anything larger, (25% using coupon code:25PERCENT). I plan to keep this sale going throughout the year. Thank you all for supporting me over these last 20 years!

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