About Jeff

Jeff Hughart is an American self taught artist who grew up in southern California and now resides in Bisbee, Arizona. Around the time he was seven years old, he gravitated towards art and drawing through the encouragement of his father but didn’t pick it up again until much later in his life. After graduating from college with a Bachelors Degree in Communications he went on to work as a technical photographer, play bass guitar in various punk bands and publish a couple of fanzines. In 2002 he began painting, inspired by his artist wife and the various outsider and folk artists which she introduced to him.

Jeff creates fictional and distorted faces and creatures often in bizarre settings. Many of his works have a dark undertone and at the same time there is often something playful scattered throughout, in a style he likes to refer to as “Tragic Whimsy”. His use of vivid colors is unique and nontraditional; it is a surprising and ironic fact that Jeff is color blind in the red/green range yet somehow his work seems to benefit from this often perceived handicap.


Like countless visual artists before me, my passion for art bloomed at a young age. Encouraged by my older sister’s artistic prowess and fueled by my father’s support in buying drawing tablets, pencils, and inspiring art guidebooks, I started on a creative odyssey that would basically shape my life.

However, as my life unfolded, my artistic pursuits took diverse forms. From the riveting world of filmmaking and the mesmerizing realm of photography to teaching myself how to play bass guitar with enough skill to join punk rock bands, my “journey” was as eclectic as it was thrilling. Yet amidst these ventures, there was always a lingering desire to explore the art of painting. My fascination with art brut and outsider art paved the way for my immersion into the world of canvas and colors.

Before I knew it, my art captured hearts and minds slowly, and as it gained traction it ignited my own passion to paint like never before. Each painting let go of many of my raw emotions, capturing a myriad of life experiences, from anger and frustration to profound joy and contemplation. Each artwork is a glimpse into my soul, an expression of my deepest thoughts and emotions. I hope that owning a piece of my art is more than just acquiring a painting— but it’s more of owning a tangible piece of who I am.

Anyway, welcome to my Online Gallery, where imagination knows no bounds and my art I hope becomes a vivid tapestry of my emotions and stories. Enjoy!