This is a collection of faces in a variety of styles. I tend to like painting faces. Usually they are abstract and often very dark with just a touch of humor dropped in.

Modern Art

This collection of modern art ranges from abstract figurative, expressionist art, neo expressionis, graffiti art and more.


It can be said that I’m an animal lover and the creatures in this collection are funky abstract paintings of a wild bunch of cats, dogs and other animals made up in my demented imagination. Most of these paintings fall into the whimsical category.


This collection is inspired by tribal and primitive artwork from indegenious peoples around the world. Some are very basic figures while others are more detailed as in shaman-like rituals and others space travels to the other side of the universe.


These collaborations were done with my wife. For example she would start out by taking some retro pin up girl stencil and have me come in afterwards with a more gritty graffiti feel. There are also a couple of Obama inspired pieces back in the days when he was just starting out.


The commissions I undertake range from pet portraits (both realistic and abstract), whimsical family portraits to astronauts to satan plying ping pong. I don’t always say yes to a commission idea but I say yes much more than I do say no.

Let’s make something amazing together


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