so, don’t know if you have been following my saga of 2015. the one where i ruptured the quad tendon in my left leg. i was recovering quite well due to a lot of hard work on my part. anyway, let’s cut to the chase. i fucking re-injured it while at a dog park in sandpoint, id AFTER i had just had my 3 month checkup with the orthopedic surgeon. AFTER he told me that it was healing so nicely. then i do something so incredibly stupid as to actually enter the dog park. just my dog and some purple-bearded dude with an iphone attached to his head. the dogs were getting ready to rumble. his being a pitbull scared me in that i thought it might actually kill my dog. somehow i got twisted and turned in just the right way to tear the tendon. it is worse this time around. i had the surgery on monday, may 4th. seemed to go ok EXCEPT i never ever thought i would have a full cast on my leg. and apparently it has to stay there for six weeks! so this makes life tough on both ginny and i. she’s my caregiver again and feel horrible about that part. i have plenty of art supplies so i plan to get down to some painting.