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All of my artwork is on sale through July 1st. Yes, I know plenty of people are short on money right now because of the pandemic. Me too. But you never know. Maybe as a gift? Or to brighten up your day during lock down. Anyway, I hope you are all staying safe and healthy through this time of pandemic.

All Artwork 25% Off This Summer (2019)!

You heard that right. ALL artwork is now 25% off until the end of summer. This 24x30 inch painting titled, SOBER, sold recently. The buyer saved $100 on the $400 price. There are all sizes and prices, so take a minute (or two) and check out the various pieces. On checkout, use the coupon code: SUMMER2019.

Gallery Representation!

Howdy. I'm being represented by a gallery here in Bisbee. The name of the gallery is 55 MAIN Gallery. It's a great gallery with lots of fantastic art. So, of course I'm very excited to have some of my works represented there. What does represented mean? That certain art will be sold solely through their gallery. It's sort of like me having a manager. Of course, I will also have the right to represent plenty of other art and dictate the prices, etc. In other words, it may be a step forward or upwards as far as my "career" as an artist, but really, it shouldn't change things that much. The bottom line is, that I'm still going to try and create the best art that I can regardless of who is or is not buying my art.


If all goes according to plan, Ginny and I will be moving to Arizona mid December. We are selling our house here in Bonners Ferry, ID and if all goes right, it should close on the 14th. We are moving to Bisbee, Arizona. Hopefully we'll be there before Xmas. I'll keep you all up to date. Wish up luck!

Taking Holiday Commissioned Pieces

I'm accepting commissioned pieces for the holidays. I have two that I'm working on now but have time to get your commissioned painting done before Christmas if the project isn't too big. Too big would be an over-sized piece or something where the detail is so precise that I won't have time to finish it for you by Xmas. But feel free to ask. Here's my latest commissioned painting. Called JAZZED. 56 inches wide and 20 high.


I've now set up a store right on my website so you can purchase paintings directly from me and we can leave out the "middleman". And contact me about any of my art for sale and see if I'm open to offers. All shipping within the USA is free. I'll be adding more art very soon!

Apologies to everyone!

I just now realized that I had not created a gallery for paintings in 2016! So, I went ahead and started one and will add more images very soon. I apologize to you people out there that actually give a crap about what I do for art for neglecting my own site which some of you I can imagine stop by from time to time to see what I've been up to. Neglecting my own website is one thing that I've been neglecting. Ok, so I'll "snap to" and get this party of a website rolling again!

By golly!

It has been a long time since my last post. I haven't been painting a whole lot these last couple of weeks. I feel that I first need to mix up some new colors. I have been offering and selling various prints. Contact me about having any of my works from my portfolio made into a print. Mainly from 2011 till now. Some examples are: walk_the_land black_gown2